AviarGraph: Neo4j Graph Databases in VR Built in Unity

Aviar Technology is developing AviarGraph, a prototype VR visualization of Neo4j graph databases. Neo4j is the premier graph database in commerce and academia today. AviarGraph is built using the industry-leading VR game engine Unity. AviarGraph ingests Neo4j datasets in JSON format by leveraging the Neo4j .NET driver for connecting to Neo4j 4.0.0+ databases via the Neo4j in-house binary protocol Bolt in order to call APOC procedures. The node and relationship dataset retrieved is then iterated to render nodes and relationships in a dynamic, immersive and interactive 3D VR environment.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is visual and audio experiences that are completely immersive. The user's experience takes the place of their outside world and places them in a completely new environment, whether that environment is concrete in its feel, such as within an architect's building design, or abstract, such as within a fantastical and imaginary space.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is the combination of a real world experience with information and visuals layered over it to enhance user awareness and insight into that real world experience. In its simplest form, augmented reality is the heads-up display in a car, but it can be 2D visuals delivered through a mobile device or through goggles such as Magic Leap or the Microsoft HoloLens. AR can enhance a shopping experience or walk a user through a complex technical procedure.

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Mixed Reality

Mixed reality integrates either virtual reality or augmented reality with outside influences such as tactile or other sensory feedback, or tools. In mixed reality the user senses beyond the eyes and ears the physical world around them and interacts with this world.

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How can you put augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality to work in your enterprise? How many ideas do you have is the real question.

Looking to speed up training flows and increase retention? VR/AR is the tool. Looking to enable autonomous procedural guidance for your team? Augmented reality takes their procedures out into the field with them.

Needing to present a technical concept to senior management? Do you have complex data that you need visualize for impact? Imagine what placing your customer in VR will actually do to make the impression. It's one thing to see it on paper on on your monitor; it's another altogether to stand inside your models or your data.

Reach out to Aviar today and let's discover where your imagination and your reality intersect.


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